How To Make Mattress Firmer?

18 Apr, 2023

If you're experiencing back pain or discomfort during sleep, your mattress may be the culprit. A soft, saggy mattress can cause your spine to sink into uncomfortable positions, leading to pain and stiffness. Fortunately, there are several ways to make your mattress firmer and more supportive. Here are some tips to make your mattress firmer.

Use a Mattress Topper

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to make your mattress firmer is by using a mattress topper. A topper is a thin layer of padding that sits on top of your mattress, providing extra cushioning and support.

When searching for a mattress topper, choose one comprised of firm materials like latex or high-density foam. Avoid soft materials such as down or feathers, which can compress and lessen the firmness of your mattress over time.

Memory Foam Pocket Spring Mattress

Memory Foam Pocket Spring Mattress

Adjust Your Bed Frame

Adjusting your bed frame is another option to firm up your mattress. If your bed frame is too loose or wobbly, it can cause your mattress to sink and sag.

Check your bed frame for any loose screws or joints, and tighten them as needed. If your bed frame has wooden slats, make sure they're evenly spaced and securely fastened. You may also want to consider adding extra slats or a support board underneath for added stability.

Rotate Your Mattress

Over time, your mattress can become worn and develop sagging areas. To prevent this, it's important to rotate your mattress regularly.

Most mattresses should be rotated every three to six months. To do this, simply flip your mattress over so the foot is now at the head of the bed. You can also rotate it 180 degrees so the head is at the foot of the bed. This can help distribute the weight evenly and prevent sagging.

Single Pocket Spring Mattress

Single Pocket Spring Mattress

Use a Mattress Pad

If you use a mattress topper, you should also consider using a mattress pad. A pad is a small layer of padding that lies between your mattress and topper to provide additional support and comfort.

When selecting a mattress pad, ensure that it is the correct size for your mattress and fits snuggly. A pad that is too little may move around during the night, while a pad that is too large may cause unpleasant wrinkles.

Use Firm Pillows

Your pillow can also affect the firmness of your mattress. If your pillow is too soft, it can sink in and create an uneven surface for your mattress. Using firm pillows can help keep your spine aligned and prevent neck and shoulder pain.

When choosing a pillow, look for one that's firm and supportive but still comfortable. Memory foam pillows are a popular choice as they can contour your head and neck while providing support.

Double Pocket Spring Mattress

Double Pocket Spring Mattress

Add a Board Underneath

Adding a board below your mattress might help make it firmer quickly and easily. A piece of plywood, a sturdy piece of cardboard, or even a few flattened cardboard boxes might be used.

Place the board between your mattress and your box spring or bed frame. Check that the board is the same size as your mattress and that it fits snuggly.

Consider a New Mattress

If your mattress is old and worn out, no amount of toppers or adjustments can make it firmer. In that case, it may be time to consider investing in a new mattress.

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A soft, saggy mattress can negatively affect your sleep quality and cause discomfort and pain. Follow these tips from the article and let your mattress firmer. If you are looking for a new mattress for your bedroom, look no further than DREAMLEADER!

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