Mini Pocket Spring

Hollow Mini Pocket Spring

Model : DLW11
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Hollow Mini Pocket Spring:

Wire: 1.4mm

Advantage: compared with normal mini pocket spring, upgrade the elasticity and comfort.


Size (cm)

Spring count (pcs)

Packing Qty /roll (pcs)

40'HQ Qty (pcs)


















mini pocket spring


bedding room pocket spring mattress meaufactures


Bedroom Bed pocket sprung memory foam mattress

Our automatic spring production line:


mini pocket spring


Machine replace worker, so more cost-effective:


box spring mattress twin manufacturer


Quick delivery time, clean warehouse:


mini pocket spring

What Does Pocket Spring Mean?

Pocket spring refers to a type of mattress construction where individual coil springs are encased in fabric pockets or sleeves. Unlike traditional innerspring mattresses where the springs are interconnected, pocket spring mattresses feature coils that work independently of each other. This design allows each spring to respond individually to pressure and movement, providing targeted support and minimizing motion transfer across the mattress. Pocket spring mattresses are known for their ability to contour to the body's shape, offering enhanced comfort and support. Additionally, the pocketed design promotes better airflow and ventilation within the mattress, contributing to a cooler and more comfortable sleep environment.

Q1: Are you a manufacturer?

A1: Yes, of course.


Q2: Why I choose you to cooperate?

A2: We have experiences on producing mattress, so we know pocket spring very well, and we use automatic machines to replace workers, more productive and efficient.


Q3: Do you make customized sizes?

A3: Any size Any color of pocket spring we can make, no extra cost.


Q4: Could you provide customized products?  

A4: Yes, please send us the wire gauge, rows count, size for quotation.


Q5: How is your quality control?

A5: ISO9001, CE certificates, and have experienced QC, also we mainly use automatic machine to produce, in order to minus mistakes and worker cost.


Q6: What is the lead time?

A6: Spring:15-20 days


Q7: How is your packing?

A7: Pocket Spring:

  1. Flat vacuum compress in wooden pallet.  
  2. Roll pack in woven bag.


Q8: How do you provide samples?

A8: Samples are available and to be negotiated.  Shipping charge is paid by clients.


Any interest, please feel free to contact us.