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What is a Non-Woven Fabric and its application

15 Sep, 2022

Non-woven fabric is a type of material forming a product network of fibers that are joined together by means of mechanical processes, a thermal chemical.  The finished product presents itself with braided filaments in a random and uniform manner, forming a cloudy effect a pleasant and very resistant fiber, and for this reason it is very popular both for the production of table linens to accessories high performance in general.





The non-woven fabric now used in a large number of areas, such as agriculture, furniture, home use and so on.


For example, in agriculture area,


Advantages of Using Non-Woven Fabrics in Agriculture: Non-woven fabric in Agriculture are useful for agricultural applications for a variety of reasons. They can, for example, Uses as a water controlling tools for early stage crops, aid in improving greenhouse production and efficiency, increasing agricultural yield, calculating labor needs, and possibly reducing the need for pesticides.  


Keeping the heat: The agriculture nonwoven fabric has a lower transmittance to long-wave light than plastic film.  The thermal insulation effect of covering is outstanding because the radiation area at night primarily relies on long-wave radiation.  


Controlling air permeability and humidity: The agriculture Nonwoven fabrics are made up of fibers of PP that are overlapped into a high-voltage network that can breathe, permeate, and adjust humidity automatically.


Cooling and shading: It is shaded and cooled by a black Agriculture Non-Woven Fabric; different colors of non-woven fabrics have different shading and cooling effects; the best shading effect is black, which is used as a “two-way” heat preservation material. The heat preservation performance can be significantly improved by adding “two-way” heat preservation material non-woven fabric.


Capillary matting: Non woven in agriculture is used in horticulture to distribute moisture to growing plants, and non woven polypropylene flexible intermediate bulk containers or “big bags” are increasingly being used in place of jute, paper, or plastic sacks for bulk storage and transportation of fertilizer and agricultural products. 


Insulation material: Utilized on the lower part of the grass cover as an “auxiliary”protection material. Numerous shanty houses cover the outer layer of the shed, yet in addition add a layer of non-woven texture to the lower part of the grass cover, by adding ‘two-layer warm protection material (non-woven texture), the warm protection execution of the shed can be altogether improved, which is 2 ℃-3 ℃ higher than that of essentially covering the grass cover, which is advantageous to the development of vegetables. 



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